Office Agency Leasing Services

Office Agency Leasing

As the client of a commercial real estate broker, you have two options: you can take a cookie cutter approach to finding the right space for your business (with the risk that your broker won’t ever know what it is exactly that you need), or you can insist on an individualized, customized experience that will ensure you’re working with not only an experienced broker, but an advocate.

The commercial real estate brokers you’ll find at GreenEfficient® devote their energy and time to each client and each property. No two buildings are alike, just like no two clients are alike—which is one aspect of commercial brokerage in which we thrive. We enjoy helping our clients find the perfect fit in an office space, just as much as we enjoy watching our own professional goals take shape. Why? Because we’re part of something that becomes bigger than we are, and by doing our job well, we plant that contribution in the soil of our community—meeting exactly what our clients have grown to expect from us.

We have become experts in our markets, and diverse in the types of buildings we invest in. Are you looking for a downtown office space, or a suburban property? We commit to excellence—with each client we form a relationship to every property we invest in. We’ll find the perfect place to call your office your home-away-from-home. Here are some additional services we offer:
• Services related to sustainability
• Leasing programs
• Project management
• Property management
• Janitorial services
• Energy conservation consulting
• Financial analysis of property.

Our office brokers will develop an individualized marketing and leasing plan for you, which will attract the perfect tenants. This customized solution for office leasing services will allow you to realize your objectives and find satisfied clientele. It’s a win-win for everyone.